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The Fear of Starting

Updated: Jan 11

Don't mind me, just starting a New Year's resolution...eleven days in. 😅

I Got a LOT of Things I Wanna Do...

You know that feeling where you're all charged up with creative energy? Anything's possible. If you're a little meticulous like me, you've mapped out your whole year of projects and the stages to complete them in (learning how to project manage my life lately. No? Just me?)

And then there was that feeling. That moment before you leap into the pool and embrace the crazy, cool chaos the water enwraps you in and everything in your body tells you to stop. I feel like I used to bypass that feeling a lot a couple years back. A small thought that's now growing in size, feeding off my apprehension, anticipation, and hesitation.

I need an emancipation from this devastation. Can I get a revelation??


Wordplay aside, I just let all my energy stay inside. In the midst of my adulting journey, I forgot to let a piece of myself breathe and stretch her legs along the way. And I miss her. more.

I'm adding the fear to the fuel and going back to just going for it. What is it, you ask? It's the stories, both written and visual swimming around my head that I've been content to just let live there, safe in its little bubble. We're bursting it, releasing it, and letting them join the greater ocean of creativity–OK real talk, I can't swim. Don't ask why I'm using water for metaphors here, I just like it. But you get the idea.

I'm using this blog to document my growth from what I'm feeling now to what I'm yearning to feel again. This is something I need to do for myself.

I'm inviting you to take the journey with me. Watch, gasp, cry, all of the above. Hope you...enjoy?


Here we go.

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